Broad Peak & K2 2021


Keen to try your first 8000m ?

Broad Peak June 2021
Broad Peak at 8047m in Pakistan is as close to K2 as you can get.

Broad Peak is the 12th highest mountain in the world. Not only does it have one of the best safety records for an 8000m peak but it also has one of the most stunning approach treks following the Baltoro Glacier to K2 basecamp.

Arrival Islamabad 10th June 2021

Choose from a number of options

1. Full BC and on mountain services + Personal High Altitude Porter + Oxygen
2. Full BC and on mountain services + Personal High Altitude Porter
3. Team Member (BC services only)

All options are fully mentored and guided.
This means from the moment you commit, you are part of the team and we are behind you.
Any questions however trivial will be responded to in detail.
Covid Travel
It is a difficult time to travel but its possible and we will ensure all of your paperwork and travel requirements are met in advance.

Residents of UAE are welcome to attend the 8000m clinic in March 2021 in Dubai.

For friends and family of climbers of Broad Peak, you are welcome to bring along trekkers at the start of the expedition who will accompany us as far as K2 Basecamp. They will stay for a short period and then be full guided back to Skardu and Islamabad. Your trekking friends are offered a discounted rate on the trek.

K2 Basecamp trekking option

To accompany the K2 climbing expedition in Pakistan I have put together the opportunity to trek to K2 basecamp at nearly 5200m with the main climbing expedition.

Both groups, climbers and trekkers meet in Islamabad on the June 10th 2021.
You will be accompanying a climbing expedition all the way to Base Camp so you get to feel part of the excitement and tension accompanying K2 climbers and see the buildup and preparation required to climb one of the most legendary mountains in the world.
After spending a day at K2 Basecamp you will be accompanied back out of the mountains with experienced guides back to Skardu and Islamabad

Pakistan is a unique country and this is a fantastic opportunity to see it first hand.

For full itinerary and price email sean (at)

K2 Basecamp Trekking Schedule

June 2021

Day 1        Arrive Islamabad
Day 2        Islamabad
Day 3        Fly to Skardu
Day 4        Skardu
Day 5        2600m Jeep to Askole
Day 6        3185m Askole to Jhola
Day 7        3383m Jhola to Paiyu
Day 8        Rest day
Day 9        4130m Paiyu to Urdukas
Day 10      4250m Urdukas to Goro
Day 11      4572m Goro to Concordia
Day 12      5150m Concordia to Broad Peak Basecamp
Day 13      Trekkers hike to K2 Basecamp and return to BP Basecamp
Day 14      Rest Day BC
Day 15      Trekkers hike out
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18      By jeep to Skardu
Day 19      Return to Islamabad
Day 20      Islamabad (spare)
Day 21      Spare
Day 22      Spare

For trekking enquiries and also to enquire about the climbing expedition email

sean (at)