Business & School Lectures

Adventure, education and business come together to provide you with an insight into the world of high altitude mountain climbing and how the lessons learned can be used to gain advantage to your business.

The risk and reward of guiding clients on high mountains are brought to the boardroom in a number of entertaining and educational sessions that mix key business messages with tales of extreme adventure.

Sean will also visit your school and bring along his full downsuit, boots and equipment to enthrall your students and give them an insight into what it takes to climb the highest mountain in the world.

Sean presenting in Dubai

Sean has been a lecturer in both the Middle East and the UK across several faculties including Business, Information Systems and Health and Wellbeing. He is a qualified teacher and has led climbing expeditions around the world including several times into the Death Zone.

There are a number of fascinating subjects to stimulate your workforce

Constructing the Active
The language you use in everyday life at work and home is critical. We look at how to improve your performance and get the best out of your colleagues and yourself simply by your responses to them. Lessons from extreme situations on the mountains include positivity and trust to encourage your team to follow you.

DRD4 The Risk Gene
Do you have it? We look at why some people take more risks. When they are likely to take those risks and how to use this to your advantage. Risk taking is in all of us and in the Himalaya and business situations it needs to be managed. This session explores real life scenarios and how to best control them.

Mind your body
According to research, body language accounts for 55% of the message that you are trying to convey. We are careful with our spoken language but how much more effective could we be by understanding ours and others simple expressions and emotions. Drawing from experience gained from leading teams in stressful and dangerous environments above 8000m in the Death Zone, this session examines how best to analyse the behaviours you are confronted with every day.

Decisions, decisions
Every minute of every day we need to make decisions. Some are more important than others. Leading a team into the Death Zone requires planning and continual assessment of the current situation. We look at what you would do in these positions and how you can take those lessons back to the office to make your work and time more effective.


All of these are available as short working lunch sessions or day seminars

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